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Smartstore is once again setting new standards in e-commerce with the new version 4

11.11.2020 - Update to version


  • Web API: now supports the widely extended version 4 of OData. New endpoints for uploading and managing media files have been added to the API.
  • (NEW) Delivery dates: product info now shows estimated delivery date (exact date, range, Not before, Not later than). Merchant can enter optional Min/Max delivery days and also specify business hours.
  • (DEV) Visual Studio Extension to create plugins. Helps developing plugins for Smartstore by creating the basic structure of a Smartstore plugin with all the required files.
  • OCI provides connection to e-procurement systems via industry standard OCI (commercial plugin)
  • cXmlPunchout provides connection to e-procurement systems via industry standard cXmlPunchout (commercial plugin)
  • Video support in product media gallery.
  • Media Gallery displays a multitude of media files in various styles as Page Builder block.
  • (PERF) ~10% faster page rendering speed thanks to better eager loading & caching strategies

Breaking changes

  • The Glimpse plugin is obsolete and has been removed! Does not work with .NET 4.7+ and hasn't been maintained for 7 years now.
  • (DEV) Web API: porting to OData v4 has minor incompatibilities with v3. See this blog post for details.
  • Blogs\News: the direct language association has been removed. Localized content is now entered using the localization editor. Merging the contents of different languages must be done manually (migration is not possible).
  • PostFinance: plugin has been extended and renamed. Users of this payment method must activate PostFinance e-Commerce in backend and enter the API access data again.

More information about v4.1 can be found here: 

07.02.2020 - Experience another milestone in e-commerce with Smartstore 4. With the new version 4, Smartstore presents many new, groundbreaking features in addition to many small and large improvements in usability and performance.

Smartstore New Dashboard

Discover the highlights of Smartstore 4:

Cookie Manager

According to the latest decision of the ECJ, users must actively give their consent to cookies. The new cookie manager in Smartstore 4 implements this decision. Visitors will be able to opt-in to enable cookies that are not strictly necessary. Attention will be drawn to necessary cookies. Registered users can also subsequently allow or reject cookies at any time in the customer area. The "Cookie Manager" is part of the Community Edition.

Cookie Manager

Die Dimensionsberechnung kann Preise abhängig nach der Länge oder der Fläche eines Produktes variabel berechnen. So kann z.B. mit der Dimensionsberechnung der Preis für Teppichboden pro Quadratmeter aus den Längen- und Breitenangaben des Kunden berechnet werden.

Media Manager

The new Media Manager is the primary management tool for images, videos, documents and all other media. Media can be stored in albums or folders in a structured way. The use of tags makes it easier to search and organize media. There is also a very fast search or filter function based on media properties. The search function supports so-called wildcards like "*" and "?". ALT tags of images necessary for search engine optimization (SEO) can be added directly in the Media Manager for each active language localized. A comfortable multi-file uploader simplifies the upload of several media simultaneously. The "Media Manager" is a plugin and is available starting with the Professional Edition.

Media Manager Datei-Exlplorer
Media Manager Datei-Exlplorer

Basic features of the Media Manager

  • Comfortable (Multi)-file uploader
  • Albums (or folders) for a better overview
  • Tags (for search and organization) 
  • Localizable ALT tags for images (SEO)
  • Very fast search / filtering
  • Recycle Bin
  • Tracking down abandoned media
  • Preview for all common file formats

Rule Builder

The Rule Builder is a visual editor for creating customer, shopping cart and product rules. Rules are used to organize dynamic processes. For example, conditions such as "All customers who have purchased a product from a product group in the last 14 days" can be intuitively defined and assigned to an action such as "recommend the newest product from product group x by e-mail".  Shopping cart rules allow, for example, highly dynamic discount and pricing definitions live during the purchase. The "Rule Builder" is part of the Community Edition.

Example rules

  • "All female customers from DACH, between 30-40 years old, bought at least once"
  • "All customers who have purchased a product from product group xy in the last 14 days"
  • "All new customers who currently have the products x and y in their shopping cart or wish list"
  • "All products from the manufacturer abc in the colour red, which have generated less than 100 EUR turnover in the last 30 days" 

Rules help to organize processes dynamically:

  • Customers can be automatically assigned to certain customer groups per task on the basis of customer rules.
  • Products can be automatically assigned to certain product groups per task on the basis of product rules.
  • Shopping cart rules allow highly dynamic discount and pricing definitions during the purchase process.

    Rule Builder

    Personalized product recommendations

    This new feature can provide real-time personalized product recommendations individually for each customer based on their previous interests. Product, brand and product group interactions of the customer are analyzed and evaluated. Using the "Email Reminder" feature, personalized product recommendations can be sent automatically. In Smartstore 4, personalized product recommendations replace "Recommended Products" from previous versions. The plugin "Personalized Product Recommendations" is offered via the Marketplace for 299€ and is part of the Premium Flat Edition.


    • Analyzes product, brand and product group interactions of the customer
    • Identifies individually, to the interests of the customer suitable products
    • Dynamically and seamlessly replaces product recommendations on the home page with personalized product recommendations

    +   EmailReminder with personalized product recommendations 

    Configuration options:

    • Adjustable thresholds (weighting) for recommendation
    • Adjustable weighting ratios for
    • Product groups
    • Manufacturers
    • Products
    • Period

    Customizable sorting of recommendations by:

    • Most suitable
    • Discount 
    • Price 
    • Bestseller 
    • Upselling (+price limits) 

    Exception rules for already interacted products


    New permissions system

    The new permissions system is a detailed and hierarchical rights management. Permissions control and allow or deny access to functions and properties of the shop. Significantly more permission areas allow a very fine assignment of rights. For example, it is possible to grant read rights to selected customer groups, but deny write rights. The new visual editor with a hierarchically structured tree view simplifies the assignment and control of rights. The "permissions system" is part of the Community Edition.

    Further improvements and features:

    • Application of percentage discounts also for graduated prices
    • Product tags can be set to unpublished, which means that they do not appear in the frontend, but still lead to hits during a search
    • Access and shop restrictions and icon color for menu links
    • MegaSearch: More options for text analysis. Tool to display internal information about a search, e.g. the terms Lucene generates from the search term
    • Images of bundle components are now also displayed in the order details
    • Granular Permissions: Extensive rights management based on customer groups via tree structure. Supports inheritance to allow or deny whole permission areas. All rights of a customer directly visible on the customer editing page
    • Restrict product visibility. For example, display a product in search results, but hide it in other product lists (such as product groups)

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